Home remodeling Ideas is San Francisco Bay Area

Are You thinking about Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling in San Francisco Bay Area

Kitchen and Bath remodeling is a procedure that when designed and laid out right can make or break the comfort or selling point in a home. You should always keep in mind when designing the kitchen or bathroom space, colors and lighting. A beautiful kitchen exists with new thoughts, specific arrangements and abilities from specialists that superbly suit to make a perfect setting for the home cooked meals. The utilization of white shading in the kitchen not just makes a kitchen look bigger and brighter but additionally gives a clean layout giving that charm and welcoming feeling.


Light fixtures in your kitchen renovation project is very important when planning out design and functionality of your kitchen. Would you like a lot of natural light with big windows or sky lighting from above. Roof lighting is essential especially over kitchen islands. Under cabinet lighting also has a cool, neat effect and can also help at night during food prep and cooking. Lighting in the kitchen can become an endless project when trying to figure out high hat lighting, track lighting and more custom ideas. When seriously considering kitchen remodeling san francisco bay area take time to sit with your local specialist and let them list the endless ideas in the space you have available so you can gain knowledge and choose what suites your needs and taste.

You can redesign or arrange blueprints for a beautiful spacious bathroom for your fantasy home with the assistance of a San Francisco Bay Area bathroom design specialists; they will outline your restroom with their years of experience and they comprehend what they have to accomplish for you. Restroom renovating fills us with the contemplations of clean, glimmering white surfaces or with a half-gathered calamity. Below discussed are some of the ideas to be considered during bathroom renovations.

– Efficient toilet bowl, his and her sink if two or more using this area daily.

– Increase the space of the bathroom for the more important needed accessories such as a quality spacious shower.

– Quality tub or Jacuzzi that holds heat and has powerful jets if preferred and is big enough to soak and relax in.

– Most people prefer a separate latrine in their bedrooms for privacy purposes which might be taken into account during planning of restroom renovations.

– In recent days, people want their bathrooms to be modern with some entertainment like music, air condition and much more.

– Using advanced and quality materials and craftsmanship to make eye popping design and effects such as quality glass and tile.

– When choosing your tub be sure to keep in mind this is where you will be taking your bubble baths, maybe reading a magazine, relaxing after a hard day of work. Whirlpool is just one brand that makes beautiful and powerful tubs/Jacuzzi. Skylights above your tub area can create additional natural light.

The majority of people in San Francisco Bay Area who rebuild the kitchen and/or bathroom are searching for a contractor with a reputable business and years of quality experience. While the look, feel and design of the room is still essential, many people need to be aware of what types of materials are needed. A decent sized bathroom and kitchen re-design office will be mindful of these patterns and will help one to pick the segments that are simply a good fit for the home. A man ought to be familiar with all the choices before picking ground surface, lighting and segments for the kitchen or washroom. Check out this tumblr page for some ideas for kitchen design kitchen designs http://kitchensbayarea.tumblr.com/post/113811020792/kitchen-and-bathroom-remodeling-san-francisco-bay We all need to take in consideration that not every product is completely perfect 100 %, there are a few materials that are stronger and much more durable than others; these products that are of higher quality may cost more but can be a smart choice for longer lasting and can be very appealing to the eye.

Eyelash Extensions and Crazy makeup

New Celebrity Beauty Trends in 2015


The beauty trends that people follow every year are based on celebrities. With the Oscars behind us, the new celebrity beauty trends for 2015 are becoming clear. Here are four of the beauty trends for this year.

Eyelash Extensions

Many Celebrities are now using eyelash extensions to enhance their beauty and sex appeal. A well known eyelash extensions Long Island expert Ada has helped out a few of the hollywood stars with make up and these lavish sexy lashes such as Alecia Keys. Many are now wearing these lashes for special events like weddings, the oscars, the red carpet and private events. You may catch Rihanna or Katie perry with piercing eyes that are dressed around these mink, silk or synthetic lashes. You can check out more eyelash photos here on Ada’s long Island NY pinterest page https://www.pinterest.com/adalashesnlocks/ you will see some of the amazing transformations. Ada has been providing this service and training for over ten years starting in New York City and now taking over Long Island with eyelash extensions.


Change in the Hair

Instead of forced waves and shaving the side of the head, celebrities are turning to long, Bohemian style waves. These natural waves are easy to create with a flat iron and aluminum foil. In addition to the change in style, many celebrities are sticking with neutral colors. Balisage, painting highlights straight onto the hair, is currently back as the hottest hair-coloring trend.


Change in the Makeup

The over-tanned appearance is being kicked to the curb for a natural contoured look. Celebrities are selecting colors that leave their skin looking slightly flushed with a bold red on the lips. The smoky eye is still very trendy, but it is no longer as dark. Mascara is being used to create longer lashes through several applications, while false lashes are being left for the outer corners only. Check out these pictures of make up and Long Island eyelash extensions.


Simple Nails

Another big change is seen in celebrity women’s nails. More women are going to natural nails instead of fake nails, and neutral-colored paint is a top choice. Whether selecting a cream manicure or something with a little more color, celebrities are going with nails that are shaped like their cuticle instead of the almond shapes seen in 2014.


Clothing Changes

Simplicity seems to be the overall trend for 2015, including the clothing. Short skirts are losing the pleats and gathered seams, while long skirts are re-introducing the high slit. However, it appears overalls may be making a comeback, but this time in more fitted looks and a variety of colors. Finally, the shirtdress is making an appearance in 2015, as it was seen in a few outfits during Fashion Week

Sports and Promotional Products!

Rally Towels Serve Your Needs

Looking for a special way to demonstrate the pride you have in your team business? Rally towels outlets offer a great solution to your needs. Custom-rallytowels.com are very good to satisfy your needs and you can design them the way you want. Turn-around time is not much, within 1-6 days, so even if you are preparing for a game or trade event coming up in a few days, you’ll still be able to make a noticeable personalized impression.

Sports Rally Towels

When people imagine rally towels, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are of sports teams. Well, no one can be blamed for thinking so. They are seen mostly at stadiums and sports venues worldwide. Some playing venues even give them out as souvenirs to fans as they come through the gates. Some charge a small fee for it.

If your favorite team is not offering these towels, you could try to incorporate some made yourself. Creating custom rally towels for your favorite team is not only fun but a great way to show off your fashion sense. You can add famous quotes or sayings by past stars of the team or just add a directory of past championships or any other accomplishments.

Not only sports teams have a craze for rally towels, NASCAR fans are particularly fond of it too. NASCAR fans can emblazon their rally custom towel with their favorite driverís number and colors. Rally towel is a great technique to stand out in a crowd.

As a high level coach of your little local team, you understand what motivation can do to your players. Giving them rally towels boosts morale and fosters a feeling of pride and goodwill. Irrespective of the sport you partake in, rally towels can be customized to fit your sport.
Besides football, baseball and hockey teams, there are a number of other sports teams that love these towels, they include:

1. Swim teams
2. Bowling and golf teams
3. Equestrian clubs
4. Track and field competitors

Business Rally Towels
Rally towels are not only used by sports teams, Companies use rally towels too for various reasons. Some of the most common use of rally towels by companies are:
1. As gift to Employees
Everyone loves receiving free gifts. We all know how gifts uplift our mood and make us feel better. Companies give out rally towels as free gifts to their employees as an expression of satisfaction or appreciation for loyalty. Some companies even go as far as including motivational quotes on the towels. This is an effective way of releasing tension among workers in a highly competitive and highly stressful business environment.

2. Display Gifts
Another great use of rally towel is to hand them out as free gifts at trade events or conferences. Now customers get to see the name of your organization on the towel almost every day. Some people even prefer custom towels to printing business card that can be easily discarded or forgotten. You could place your email, number and address around specific parts of the towel so current and prospective customers can always get that information easily.

3. Promotional Gifts
You can use rally towels in your store front for walk in customers. Or use them as gift products to entice more customers. This is a very good idea for grand openings. Just like how they are handed out at trade exhibitions, custom rally towels will act as free advertisement to get prospective customers.

Tips on finding a wonderful wedding photographer and videographer

Its  almost your wedding…..Long-Island-Weddings


When finding the perfect person to record one of the happiest days of your life, it is important to find someone with the reputation, skills, and portfolio to guarantee success. Here are a couple of suggestions to help you ensure that you hire the ideal Long island, NY wedding professional for the job.


If they do not have a portfolio, move on


Any quality artist will have a portfolio of completed pieces. For those in the profession of taking photographs or making videos, it is impossible to avoid collecting samples. The lack of a portfolio is a red flag, a sign of someone fresh out of school or an amateur.


Check their references


Ask to talk to former clients. Happy clients with in your local New York area will be certain to pass on their reviews, and even post them online in local review sites like Angie’s List. Those with bad reviews, or no reviews, should be avoided. The lack of a reputation is just as worrisome as a bad reputation.


If in doubt, contact a couple of competitors and ask what their impression of the prospective contractor is. If they have a good reputation, then it would be a matter of good ethics to tell you so. There are thousands of wedding videographers on Long Island so make sure to check reviews and testimonials.


See them in action


When you attend a wedding for a friend or family member, look at the people they have hired. If the crew or person has done a good job, then you already have a viable candidate for recording your special day.


Avoid those with excessive fees, both high and low


Tatyana + Suresh // Wedding Highlight from Michael Joseph Films on Vimeo.

These industries have standard fees based upon market conditions. If your Long Island wedding contractor wants too much, or too little, it may be a sign of unfamiliarity with their field. Only pick someone who knows enough about the industry to position themselves properly within it.

What is up with all these skinny me diets

 The hype on Skinny Diets


You may have heard all the buzz on different Skinny Tea diets. Such as Skinny me tea by www.Skinnymetea.com or tiny me tea, skinny tea tox, skinny fox tea, and the list is forever growing.

So what makes these teas so popular and powerful and do they even really work. I will say this I personally only stick to natural and organic diet approaches. So a lot of these teas would be eliminated out of my selection to try right from the start because most are not organic. However I have tried a few organic detox teas myself and I will say with at least a 10 day tea tox I believe these teas definitely help your body detoxify.


With this hot topic in 2014 and going into 2015 you will now see an array of different tea flavors from strawberry to tropical fruit flavors. If you are looking for a detox tea I suggest you look at reviews, testimonials and do a background search on the manufacturer and ingredients in the product.

The reason I stay away from processed foods and products is simply because we do not know what is “REALLY” added to these foods and products and why risk becoming sick or damaging your insides. Wether it is slim tea products or other hyped up new fad weight loss supplements I am always looking for the more natural and healthier approach.


You can find more about holistic weight loss right here http://www.apa.org/topics/obesity/weight-loss

This is a educational video below to help[ you understand the power of some natural teas and how they can help you slim down, detox the body and gain natural energy. Hope you enjoy my quick rant. :)


Choosing the right steam cleaning company

rug cleaning 1Rug cleaning service companies are all over New York so how do you know which one to choose to clean your carpets, sofas, hallways area rugs or even expensive rare rugs such as persian, silk, oriental just to name a few.

Its extremely important to have experienced cleaners or repair technicians around your local long island or New York area do the job right the first time. I have heard a story not to long ago from my mother in law on how she called a company to remove a pet stain that her 1 yr old maltese puppy left on her persian rug. The technician that arrived at her house after she called someone in the phone book didn’t even know what type of rug he was dealing with. My mother in law is very OCD and specific about work done on her home so she politely asked him to leave explaining she didn’t want to risk anything happening to her persian piece.

Right away she new she needed a professional and she found a reputable company call http://carpetcleanersnewyork.com that is their main website. If your located in nassau or Suffolk county of NY then i suggest visiting http://carpetcleanersnewyork.com/long-island/ that is there local service page for that area.

rug cleaning nyThey have been in business for over THIRTY years and the owner showed up and new exactly what type of rug he was dealing with and also was able to fix, clean and freshen it up. Shows you quality carpet cleaning is a huge difference. Proper knowledge, experience, equipment and chemicals all play a role in getting your rugs or carpet cleaned professionally.

Make sure you use YELP and search engines not only to find great local companies but also to read reviews and other experiences.